Kalaboration is a partnership project between The Drum Arts Centre, School of Art Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) Birmingham City University and RoguePlay Theatre delivering a programme of visual arts activities commencing in January 2012 until November 2012. Funded by Arts Council England and Birmingham City Council and granted the Inspire mark by the London 2012 Inspire programme, it will enable artists and young people, to produce and participate in workshops and discussions, and the public to experience a range of “free to attend” thematically linked events, celebrating the Olympics and the presence of the Jamaican and USA track teams in Birmingham leading up to the commencement of the games.

Programme of events and opportunities will include:

  • 3 Artists Commissions, each receiving professional development support and produce new work for exhibition in 2012
  • Visual and performing arts workshops for young people aged 8-19
  • Host young people’s exhibitions in local communities of Birmingham
  • Host a series of themed lectures and symposia addressing; diversity, nurturing and developing talent and independence

Kalaboration’s programme is driven by the needs of its participants, partners and stakeholders through this project we aim to:

  • Foster cohesion bringing together young people; to  learn new creative skills in visual & performing arts, alongside experienced arts practitioners
  • Produce new work including exhibitions across the West Midlands
  • Employ artists to facilitate workshops, lead debates and host exhibitions
  • Commission 3  artists to produce new work
  • Provide a platform, for emerging and career breaking artists to showcase their talent and hone their skills
  • Utilise the partnership to embed skills and transfer knowledge and assist the Drum and its partners to implement a long term visual arts strategy

Kalaborate is our partnership project with RoguePlay Theatre, aimed at young people aged 8-19 to participate in a series of workshops and produce work for a series of exhibitions across Birmingham in 2012. Kalaborate is scheduled to commence in January 2012 and end in July 2012; workshops are scheduled to take place in New Life Baptist Church Kings Heath, South Birmingham College City Centre, the Drum Arts Centre Aston and final all group workshop and exhibition to take place in Hall Green.

Management and Delivery
The steering committee includes, the Drum Arts Centre, School of Art BIAD and RoguePlay Theatre.

The Drum
For over 10 years The Drum Arts Centre has been Europe’s leading Black-led arts and culture organisation. Located in Birmingham, West Midlands, it plays a major role in presenting world class performing and visual arts in the region. The Drum is represented on the steering committee by Mukhtar Dar (Director of Arts and Marketing), Emeritus Professor Mick Durman (Vice Chair) and Sarah Blackstock (Head of Young People). The Drum will facilitate the project as a lead partner in the project through in kind support of staff, venue, facilities, marketing and host the Project Manager and other freelance and temporary staff.

School of Art BIAD is represented by Professor John Butler; Head of the School of Art. BIAD supports Kalaboration through the provision of staff time, lecture and exhibition venues, arts facilities and marketing. The School of Art BIAD has played a key role in the art and design movement in Britain since 1843. BCU provides a range of cultural research, education, infrastructure and outreach, set across its three faculties with 2500 staff, supporting 25,000 students, contributing £100million GDP for the region.

RoguePlay Theatre
RoguePlay Theatre is represented by Artistic Director, Kim Charnock who are delivering Kalaborate the young people’s programme. RoguPlay is one of the leading Birmingham Theatre companies writing and performing exciting new theatre works. Combining new writing, physical theatre and improvisation we create energetic and often site-responsive performance and installation, and over the last 12 months have performed throughout the UK, delivered an extensive educational programme and have established a great following of loyal artists and audiences alike.