Freestylee posters to be sold at ska, roots & dub night Silver Dollar tonight

From July – September, Kalaboration hosted “Freestylee: Artist Without Borders” at The Drum, an exhibition of Jamaican poster artist Michael Thompson aka Freestylee‘s internationally acclaimed work.

A selection of poster prints will be on sale tonight at ska, roots & dub night Silver Dollar at The Station Pub, Kings Heath.

Posters cost £10 each, and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Alpha Boys School in Jamaica, which Freestylee attended. The school has supported the development of musicians over many years.

We’ll be selling them from around 9:30pm-late, so pop in and say hello!






Keith Piper talks about his installation ‘A Short Sprint’

If you couldn’t make it to see Keith Piper in conversation at the Lake Gallery (Custard Factory, Digbeth), then don’t worry, you can hear the talk in full below….

Keith Piper talk part 1

Keith Piper talk part 2

A Short Sprint’ will be exhibited until Friday 17th August, so you’ve still got time to check out the installation for yourself!


Keith Piper Exhibition ‘A Short Sprint’ launch: This Friday

‘Employing the Stadium as a symbolic space within which the Athlete is rendered ‘hypervisual’. “A Short Sprint” will treat that relationship as a metaphor to examine the impact and visibility of Jamaican ideas, cultural forms and aesthetics upon the world. The idea of the ‘short sprint’, the explosion of frenetic energy over less than ten incident filled seconds, will itself be viewed in the context of the longer period before the ‘sprint’ begins.’

Keith Piper’s launch of “A Short Sprint” will take place at the Lakeside Gallery, Custard Factory, 6pm.

Freestylee ‘Artist Without Borders’, Michael Thompson’s exhibition at The Drum: Audience’s Response

Jamaican poster artist Michael Thompson‘s (aka Freestylee) commission was exhibited at The Drum on 16th July. It will be here until 14th September.

For the opening, I found out what the audience thought about the commission………..

It all goes off without a hitch :)

Private View at The Drum

I had been anticipating the private view with nervous trepidition for over a week now. I was slightly terrified that no-one would show up, as you do, and also that no-one would like the work.

Jaskirt Dhaliwal at the opening of Everyday Olympian ©Suki Badesha

Thankfully I was proved wrong on both counts! Lots of people did show up and to boot were very complimentary about the exhibition. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement! Paul from the Cultural Olympiad was very supportive as were all the people I met there last night and the best thing about the whole day was that people really resonated with the ideas and concept I was trying to get across. The passion I have for telling the story of ordinary people doing great things unseen on a larger scale was thankfully transmitted through the unerring gaze of the sitters in the portraits I shot.

As a development from my last big body of work I think I have come a long way. Even with the super tight deadlines to create this work I have been able to up my game and produce some fab portraits exactly with the quality that I envisaged.

The show is still on until July 8th and I will be doing an in depth talk about my work and the exhibition at The Drum on Wednesday 20 July from 6pm. So hopefully see you there!

For more information and to see some of the portraits featured in the exhibition go to my website:

Everyday Olympian exhibition details (click on image)

Exhibition details for Everyday Olympian

So with only a few weeks to go until the exhibition launches I’m manically editing the scanned negatives to get them ready for print next week! I’ve had 3/4 weeks of none stop shooting every evening and at events on the weekends, which means I’ve had little time to blog. Sorry about that but over the next few weeks I will be talking about a lot of the stories from the shoots and updating the blog  with more images that unfortunately might not make the exhibition too…

Look forward to seeing you at the Private View and/or In Conversation!!!

Exciting news and developments – Foto8 Summershow

Exciting developments over the last week or so…my image of Swimmer, Warley Wasps has been selected for the Foto8 Summershow woop woop!! Very excited about this as you can tell, there is a £2000 prize which I don’t think I’ll get tbh (there are 158 other photographers!) but to be part of the show is brilliant in itself. I’m looking forward to the opening night and mingling with lots of photographers and seeing all the other work too. It really feels like the hard work I’ve been putting into this new body of work, Everyday Olympian, is really paying off and that I must say that feels mighty good!

Swimmer, Warley Wasps ©Jaskirt Dhaliwal, 2012

Critical Mass lecture in full

Couldn’t make it to the Critical Mass lecture? Don’t worry! You can hear it in full below!




K2TOG pop up shop

A few pictures from the first two days of the shop.

furniture luck

I’ve been travelling around the West Midlands collecting and buying furniture for our K2TOG pop up shop. The shop will be a relaxing hub where anyone can drop in to knit a square or a few rows for the project.  If you’re not able to knit, don’t worry, there will be staff on hand to get you started and show you the basics.

It seems that my luck at finding a bargain is in at the moment, just when I need it.   I visited Studley Car Boot to hunt for treasures.  There wasn’t much treasure to be found but I did manage to buy a nest of coffee tables for under a tenner.

The luck continued when I got home.  No sooner had I tweeted about buying the first piece of booty, I received a text from a friend asking if I wanted a sofa, armchair and table.  All were in good state of repair but needed a new home as they had splashed out on new sofas.

The final piece of furniture luck came when I won not 1 but 2 wooden standard lamps on eBay for £8.  I went to collect them on Sunday and they look even better than the photo.

Our K2TOG pop up shop is located in Pavilions Birmingham Unit 13 on the lower ground floor (opposite Julian Barnes).  Opening hours are Wednesdays – Saturdays 12 – 6pm and Sundays 12 – 5pm.  For details of how to get there visit here

Why don’t you pop in and say hello.