Kalaborate Saturday Spectacular at Sarehole Mill

After months of hard work and preparation, the Kalaborate 12-18 year olds are back to showcase their talents along the Shire Country Park Walk this Saturday 21st July.

Photography by Jo Egan

Performing pieces of circus, dance and drama along the walk from Sarehole Mill to Old Burbury Brickworks, Kalaborate young people will be showing that they really have something to say about the Olympic Games and Jamaica 50 celebrations.

The performances alongside a photography exhibition of 15 year old Jo Egan’s images that capture the heart of circus, are developed from the successful Kalaborate sharing exhibition that took place at New Life Baptist Church in February.

The general public and local community are welcome to join the performers, friends and family at this unique outdoor exhibition. Audience members should arrive at Sarehole Mill between 12-4pm. Please note, if the weather forecast is predictably rainy, it is likely the event will be held inside the mill.


Kalaborate Sharing Day @ Sarehole Mill This Saturday!

‘Kalaborate at Sarehole Mill is to be held along the Shire Country Park Walk from Sarehole Mill to The Old Burbury Brickworks. Performances take place from 12-4pm. In the event of rain, please note that the performances may take place inside the mill.’

Don’t miss it!

Kalaborate Photography and Poetry Exhibition Tomorrow!

After six sessions  with photographer Richard Battye and poet Lorna Meehan,  Kalaborate participants will be exhibiting their work to friends, family and invited guests at Paganel Primary School tomorrow.

Featuring photographs and poetry inspired by the Olympics and Jamaica 50 celebrations, the exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to see work by some of Birmingham’s youngest artists.

This free exhibition takes place on Friday 29th June 2012 from 3-4pm at Paganel Primary School in Selly Oak.

Kalaborate: 8-11 year olds Sharing Exhibition Friday 29th June 2012

Young people aged 8-11 will be showing off their skills in photography and poetry in an exhibition at Paganel Primary School on Friday 29th June 2012 from 3pm-4pm.

After six sessions working with photographer Richard Battye and RoguePlay Theatre’s Lorna Meehan, the young people have captured images and recorded poems inspired by Jamaica 50 celebrations and 2012 Olympic Games.

Come along and support some of Birmingham’s youngest photographers and poets from 3pm at Paganel Primary School in Selly Oak on Friday 29th June 2012.

Kalaborate Sharing Day: Video Footage

Some extracts from the Kalaborate sharing exhibition in Kings Heath run by RoguePlay Theatre:

Kalaborate Sharing Photos

Today’s photos of Kalaborate Sharing event:

Jess Mercuriadi and Jodie Southall Dance

Jess Mercuriadi and Jodie Southall


Come and see us perform at the sharing event………..


FEB 25TH, 1-2pm

New Life Baptist Church, High Street, Kings Heath

Click to find out more

Kalaborate: Young people sharing their voice through art

Kalaborate Sharing Exhibition

Kalaboration is the name of the game

Young people have been collaborating with local artists across Birmingham to create visual, digital and performance based art works inspired by the Olympic Games and the Jamaica 50 celebrations.

Led by RoguePlay Theatre in partnership with The Drum Arts Centre, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) Birmingham City University, Kalaborate aims to show that young people have something to say about these events through a series of exhibitions across the city.

Working alongside RoguePlay Theatre director Kim Charnock and aerial circus practitioner Joe Fearn, 12 -18 year olds have created an hour long exhibition that highlights their opinions of the historic 2012 Games through aerial silks, walking globe, dance, drama and photography. This first part of the project will be shared with friends and family on 25th February, where a number of young people will be selected to develop their work in June for a final public showing in July.

They will be joined in July by a group of 8-11 year olds, who have their own series of workshops in theatre, poetry, photography and video at The Drum from the 3rd  March. A number of volunteers have already engaged in the project, gaining experience in helping other young people develop their own piece for the public exhibition. The June series as well as the public exhibition will see more young volunteers engaging in the project.
Kalaborate: 12-18 year old sharing is at New Life Baptist Church, Kings Heath on 25th February 2012 at 1pm. Free entry and refreshments are available. 

Free entry and refreshments are available. Contact us if you would like to attend.

Kalaborate: Feedback

Have a listen to some lovely feedback and updates from young people working on the Kalaborate project.

Kim (mp3)

Joe (mp3)

Jo (mp3)


Jess (mp3)

Jodie (mp3)

Jo (mp3)

Cj (mp3)

Doing it right

Nassir’s Experience

Yesterday I started to try the rolla bola , which at first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it because I didn’t believe in myself. But I still went for it with the help of Joe and he helped me to keep my balance. After an hour or so I learnt how to balance on it. Then came the chair which meant that I could rely on it rather than Joe, this helped me to do it on my own. I was so scared but I had Joe behind just incase I fell. By the end of the day I learnt how to balance myself with a chair. I learnt that if I keep talking I dont always look down and worry if I was going to fall.The next day I tried it out with the chair and just got on by myself but i fell and hurt myself.

I thought my rolla bola was quite weird but I thought it’d be something differnt from everyone because I could explain my thoughts on the olympics through the roller. I learnt a lot about myself, I should always take risks because I’d be proud of myself later on. Both Joe and Kim have helped me loads on to devolop my skills and I feel much more confident than I did when I first started this project. Wooooohooooo bring on showcaseee!!!!!!