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Head candy:
Helson Hernandez reports from the Havana Times on two female Cuban artists who are making a space for themselves by pushing boundaries of collaboration, friendship, and creative production.’

Turning Point West Midlands – Art Market Discussion

British Council’s Creative and Cultural Economy programme “On this website, you can find out more about the British Council’s support and network of creative entrepreneurs, cultural leaders and policy makers and opportunities to get involved.’

The (Olympic) Games and me

Interesting article on Caribbean Art and the ‘White Cube’ Aesthetic

inspirational images:
Love, love, love, the assemblage of images by visual artist Holly Bynoe Editor-in-Chief of ARC Magazine.

If you fancy a trip to the smoke then check out art by Baptist Coelho at the Pump House Gallery.

Essential viewing:
Bob Marley Documentary


We hope the book is more expansive than the Guardian article, of artists in their studios. Should read, mainly London based artists in their studios!

Tensions arise between composer and performance artist over notions of freedom of choice and risk.

“Plan B: ‘Find out what kids are good at. It will change their lives’

Ipad painting

Fierce Festival is coming, don’t miss one of Birmingham’s most daring, festivals, live art a go!
We are gonna check: Holy Mountain Party, Mermaid Show, Secret Show, Dachshund U.N and Cupid.

‘Life is a Dream’ by Birmingham Opera Company, absolutely stunning! Go check it! Wicked to see so many black male opera singers on stage and the commitment of the local community making it visually staggering! Kalaboration’s Bobbie G has found memories of singing in Graham Vick’s production of Silas Marner as a yoot.

VIVID to close – They did some amazing work, but we are hoping the guys will be back with more innovation in a different guise.

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