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Nice write up about the photography of Dennis Morris in the Guardian newspaper.

Favourite quote:
“The choir was funded by the church’s benefactor, Donald Paterson, who had made his fortune in camera technology. It was Paterson who organised and financed the St Mark’s camera club, where, at the age of nine, Dennis Morris discovered his  vocation. “He’s the reason I’m a photographer,” says Morris. “He convinced my parents that I could make a career out of it even when the school was against it. More than that, though, he opened my mind to the possibility that you could go beyond what was expected of you.”

Interesting article by Frieze Magazine about the Sharjah Art Foundation’s fifth annual March Meeting.

“Over the course of three days, there were more than 80 presentations from a diversity of art spaces (many virtually unknown) in the Arab world, the wider Middle East, Asia and North Africa, as well as the UK and the US. The most interesting of these were those that told stories of newly initiated spaces, attempting to build sustainable educational infrastructure for both the contemporary visual arts and culture.”

Lots of contemporary art goodness over at This is Tomorrow website.

Rendering the Real Panel Discussion @ 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning cultural space in Brixton.

Fri 30th March, 6.30 8.30pm
Post-colonial legacies: linking the past with the present visual practices.

Interesting symposium on Coloniality, Curating and Contemporary Art hosted at UNIA, Sede Sta. María de La Rábida (Huelva) Spain. EasyJet flight anyone?

“The processes of colonization and decolonization, their causes, forms, effects and consequences, were not homogeneous in either their geographical or their temporal dimensions. This differential aspect means that the theoretical premises and the cultural, curatorial and artistic elaborations that have reflected on these events have resulted in a wide variety of approaches. The aim of this symposium is to combine different perspectives and experiences that demonstrate the complexity of these phenomena. Taking the idea of the Encounter as its starting point, the symposium will bring together artists, curators, cultural producers and theorists whose work deals with the colonial project on the American, African and European continents, from a postcolonial and decolonial perspective.”

Fierce Festival kicks off tomorrow, don’t miss it! Lots of great, experimental, live art works to be experienced. We voiced our must sees last week. 

Once upon a time in the Midlands

“An exhibition of illustration inspired by fairy tales with artists and illustrators all with connections to the midlands.” 21st April.

The Hello Cube 

A really cool, interactive digital, installation at Tate Modern.

“The Hello Cube is a structural object that exudes art, triggered by suggestions on Twitter. Inspired by the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, Hellicar & Lewis created the piece in an effort to bridge the gap between the physical realm and the digital space. The Hello Cube functions as sort of a psychedelic visual DJ who takes social media requests for animations. ”

General Manager opportunity over at BE Festival.

Arts and Communications Administrator at macarts.

Red Door Studios require an Animation Tutor.
“Please send your letter of interest and CV to info@reddoorstudios.co.uk. Closing date for applications is Thursday 29th March, interviews will be held at the studio on Friday 30th March.”

CircusMASH Birmingham are looking for an experienced Aerial Arts/Circus Instructor.
“Please send us a current CV to joe@circusmash.co.uk with a paragraph about yourself and your teaching style (by Tuesday 17th April). ”

6/8 Kafe, Birmingham are looking “for some projection based visuals or films to accompany one of our experimental music nights, specifically for an upcoming one on 04/04/12 So, if you have anything please do get in touch at helen@sixeightkafe.co.uk. “


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