“Brand” New Generation?
Thursday 1st November 2012
The Drum, 6pm
Who are the new wave of artists practicing today and what are their influences? Can artists become a success commercially whilst addressing politics, diversity and identity? Should participating in the arts for young people be purely a creative process, or is it important to address social, environmental and cultural issues? Our panel of speakers and presentations provide an insight of the pressures of the ‘Brand New Generation’.

Panel to be confirmed


Freestylee - ‘Artist without Borders’

16th July – 14th September

The Drum

Kalaboration is pleased to be hosting “Freestylee: Artist without Borders” an exhibition of poster art by internationally acclaimed poster artist Michael Thompson aka Freestylee. Thompson studied graphic design at the Jamaica School of Art in Kingston, Jamaica, now the renowned Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. On landing an apprentice position he started to experiment with simple silhouetted graphic designs concepts suitable for screen-printing and poster art.

Thompson has been living in the United States since 1990 and worked as a freelance graphic designer and consultant. He has been described as a “creative activist” in a recent interview in Arc Magazine, due to the subject matter his work; from reggae music, police brutality, homophobia in Jamaica, the Arab Spring and persecution of fellow artists such as Ai Wei Wei. Thompson launched the first International Reggae Poster Contest in order to celebrate the pioneers, musicians, artists and institutions that made Reggae music possible and this exhibition features many of these artists and genres, which have seen reggae music become a global phenomenon.

Sara Fowles (Stitches & Hos)

Knit 2 Together’ (K2TOG)
27th July – 8th October
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

“Knit 2 Together” at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is inspired by the colours of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Jamaican, USA and UK flags.  This project will see the façade of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery covered with knitting of local communities, individuals and enthusiasts. This will be Stitches and Hos’ most ambitious effort to date, since giving the Bull Ring Bull a woolly jumper and the Floozy in the Jacuzzi a scarf. To find out how to get involved see details below.

Keith Piper Presents ‘A Short Sprint’

Friday 3rd August – Friday 17th August 10am – 6pm
Lake Gallery, Custard Factory

‘A Short Sprint’ Keith Piper to presents A Short Sprint video installation. Employing the stadium as a
symbolic space within which the Athlete is rendered ‘hypervisual’. A Short Sprint will treat that relationship as a metaphor to examine the impact and visibility of Jamaican ideas, cultural forms and aesthetics upon the world. The idea of the ‘short sprint’, the explosion of frenetic energy over less than ten incident filled seconds, will itself be viewed in the context of the longer period before the ‘sprint’ begins.

The exhibition will launch 6pm Friday 3rd please email or phone– Tel 0121 333 2416 to reserve a place.


Artist Talks

Keith Piper (Blk Art Group), 13th August, Custard Factory, Lake Gallery, 6-7pm

Mykaell Riley (Programme Director, Black Music Research Unit, University of Westminster), 4th September, 6pm

Sarah Fowles (Knit2together Project) in conversation with Deirdre Figueiredo on 13th September, at BIAD, 6pm