“Brand” New Generation

We are fast approaching the end of the project and as corny as it may sound, it has really been a fantastic journey! We never could have imagined the amazing people, artwork and ideas we have encountered. Our last event is a celebration of all these things, we hope you can be there to join us.

“Brand” New Generation

“Who are the new wave of artists practicing today and what are their influences?

Can artists become a success commercially whilst addressing politics, diversity
and identity? Should participating in the arts for young people be purely a creative
process, or is it important to address social, environmental and cultural issues?
Our panel of speakers and presentations provide an insight of the “Brand New

To mark the end of this year’s programme of Kalaboration events we are pleased to
present “Brand” New Generation on Thursday 1st November 2012 at The Drum Arts
Centre, 144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham from 6pm – 8pm.

Our first panel discussion chaired by Elly Clarke of www.clarkegallery.de
and features artist/curator Dan Auluk of the recent Allotment project at mac
Birmingham (www.danauluk.co.uk),
digital artist Antonio Roberts who delivered
BYOB at Vivid (www.hellocatfood.com)
and visual arts artist Karen Mclean (www.karenmclean.co.uk).

The discussion focuses on who are the new wave of artists practising today and
what are their influences? Each artist can be regarded as emerging in the past
couple of years and are beginning to make a name for themselves in their respective
practises. This is an opportunity for them to share their ideas and experiences of
recent projects with our audience. The discussion will also focus the ever changing
social, economic and political environment, locally and globally and the impact/
influence this has had on their practice.

Our second and final panel discussion features members of the Kalaboration
steering committee and invited guest speakers, looking back on some of the
achievements delivered during Kalaboration and the featured artists Jaskirt
Dhaliwal “Everyday Olympian”, Sara Fowles “K2TOG”, Keith Piper “A Short Sprint”
and Michael Thompson’s “Freestylee: Artist without Borders”.

We also celebrate the achievements of Kalaborate our young people’s programme
delivered by RoguePlay, which offered young people 8 -19 the chance to learn
new skills in circus performance, performing and visual arts and is now delivering a
further programme of events this time offering commissions to young people.

We also look forward to future developments for the Kalaboration with details of
learning and recommendations from the evaluation report.

So come and celebrate our successes and put forward any ideas you may have to
assist us in developing future projects and opportunities in the spirit of collaboration!

To reserve a place at this event rsvp to:

or visit the following Facebook event page 

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